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Travel Rings

Travel Rings


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Travel Rings are the perfect wearable inspiration for your unique journey. A reminder of strength, resilience, and the adventurous spirit!


Each ring is handcrafted using bare copper wire, and each are finished with a patina to give it an antique and rugged look. 


Sizing options vary so be sure to know your ring size for the finger you wish to wear your ring. I offer half-sizing options and do my very best to be as accurate as possible. 


Here's the story behind each one, but of course- you can add your own.

A. The Quest- For embarking on a new journey. There is a quest within each of us, and it is waiting for us to begin.

B. The Wave- Life is full of waves and rugged seas. When the waves may seem to fate us to drown, becoming a surfer can turn it all around. 

C. The Globetrotter- The Globetrotter sets out to explore the world around. Immersing himself in life and practicing inclusion of all people, nature and experiences.

D. A Journey Together- For the partners in adventure. The one's who give each other courage to continue down the path. Great as friendship rings, kindred spirits, and loved ones. 


*Be sure to choose your correct size and adventure style :)


*Each ring is nicely packaged and ready for gift giving along with its printed story.

Shop this item on Etsy


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