It started with an adventure...

Ever feel like quitting your job, selling all your belongings and moving away to an island you never knew existed?

Well I did...



 It wasn't that I didn't like my life and wanted to run away from it. I had a very rewarding career. I was as a ballroom dance teacher and personal trainer. I had friends and community and even though it was undesirably cold in the winter time I loved living in the midwest of the U.S.A.  My ambition to run away did not come from unhappiness but a deep long standing desire to explore more of what life had to offer. I had a sense for a long time that there was something more for me to experience and it would require me leaving all my comforts behind.  A few months after I headed off into the sunset I'm sitting on the beach in disbelief looking at the most beautiful turquoise water I could have ever imagined. 3 more years later,  I'm waking up to my remarkable husband, living a new life as an artist, creating a new business and still looking at that same ocean that lured me away from everything I ever knew.  All of this because my inner explorer could no longer idly sit and watch me go through this life always wondering "what if?


Where the adventure began...

I moved to Turks and Caicos for a job with Club Med as the resort’s fitness instructor. During that time I met my now husband, who also worked at the resort managing the boutique. After 1 year of being the fitness instructor and living the Club Med G.O life my husband and I opened up a small boutique selling local art and products of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I retired from my fitness instructor duties and went full time to help run our boutique. I’m not one to not have a project to work on so when my high paced lifestyle slowed way way down I took up the task of learning to make jewelry. For the first 2 years I just played. I figured out how to get the supplies I needed to the island and I basically just tried everything! I played with drilling shells, metal stamping, braiding, and wire wrapping. I had to research everything because I didn’t know any of the terminology! But I learned along the way. At the end of 2017 while exploring more jewelry making options I stumbled across wire weaving. I followed along with a youtube tutorial and I made my first very simple pendant. It was not perfect by any means, but I was so impressed with it non-the-less. I knew I had found my niche! This technique has allowed me to explore and do so many different things. I am so happy to now share my creations with you, and maybe even inspire you to take on a new endeavor of your own. 

Teaching classes and online tutorials

I had so many people asking me how I make my jewelry and expressing that they themselves would also like to learn. At the beginning of 2019 I began teaching classes on wire weaving at our boutique. Coming from a teaching background I found it incredibly rewarding to format a class where I could pass on what I’ve learned to others. The participation and positive feedback from the class was greater than I could have imagined, so I created an online tutorial. Originally, I created this so people who took the class could recreate their pendant at home and continue with this new skill.  I now offer online tutorials to anyone interested so I can share my  knowledge and inspire a larger audience. 

If you are planning a visit to the Club Med Resort this year feel free to join our class! You can get an insider view by clicking here.

Creating a vision...

The Siren and The Pirate started with my husband and I sitting on the beach, sharing a corona and brainstorming names for my new handmade jewelry line. As I looked out across the ocean all I could think about was the potential a name like The Siren & The Pirate had for storytelling. I started to create this Pirates of the Caribbean-esque adventure story about these two creatures. What were their deepest desires in life? Why were they so captivating? Why is their darkness and danger so appealing? These are the questions that I have explored and the answers have made their presence in my art. I've taken the colors I imagine in my Siren and Pirate stories, the elements from their surroundings, shapes that encompass both the masculine and feminine energies, and added in the storytelling and symbolism that appeals to the boundlessness within us we are searching for.

The Siren & The Pirate promotes our innate desires as humans to be explorers, creators and movers. My desire is that you can be inspired with each of your visits to be more adventurous (and not just by traveling) create more beauty in your life and the world, and embrace movement to reduce stagnation and promote change in your physical and spiritual world.

You are most welcome here!


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Kelley Dominguez- Creator and Artist

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