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Meet the Artist
Jewelry artist, Kelley Kennon, moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2015 after quitting her job and selling everything she owned. Her life changing move was put in motion by a calling to explore the world. Her ambitions to live more deeply through bold, adventurous and self governing decisions lead her to discover her own creativity and a career as an artist. Her work is inspired by adventure and the resilience and beauty of the human spirit. Her hope is that through creating, teaching and storytelling she can inspire others to embrace their own unique journey.

She currently resides in Arizona, USA
A Note from the Artist
I would like to make a special thank you to you as a valued customer.

I never would have imagined myself becoming a full time artist, but in the spirit of adventure I set out to explore. Not only did I explore the outside world, but along the way, I found something inside myself and a new world of possibilities.
You have helped to steady my heart and my mind through your support of my work. I am grateful that you have allowed me to share my story with you through my art, and it is my hope that I can inspire you to seek more, explore more, create more and share your unique story.
Life is either a grand adventure...or nothing at all.
All of my best, Kelley 
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Sometimes all we need is just a new perspective.
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