Men's Renegade Collection- Copper
About the Jewelry
The Siren and The Pirate is a handmade jewelry line created for the adventurer. Whether your adventure is hiking in the woods, traveling and experiencing a new country, setting sail into the unknown, or jumping on your bike and riding for miles with no rules and no plans.
The Siren & The Pirate is inspired by our innate desire to be explorers and dreamers. We believe that life and fantasy can become one, and our handmade jewelry and products will offer tokens of inspiration along your unique journey.
A Note from the Artist
The Siren and The Pirate started with my husband and I sitting on the beach, sharing a corona and brainstorming names for my new handmade jewelry line. As I looked out across the ocean all I could think about was the potential a name like The Siren & The Pirate had for storytelling. I started to create this Pirates of the Caribbean-esque adventure story about these two creatures. What were their deepest desires in life? Why were they so captivating? Why is their darkness and danger so appealing? These are the questions that I have explored and the answers have made their presence in my art. I've taken the colors I imagine in my Siren and Pirate stories, the elements from their surroundings, shapes that encompass both the masculine and feminine energies, and added in the storytelling and symbolism that appeals to the boundlessness within us we are searching for.
man over looking mountain lake with logo
Copper Wire woven lapis lazuli pendant.j
Inspiration and tutorials
My wire woven original creations are very organic in nature taking on form and shape as they are being created. I find that most of the beauty comes out of spontaneity, a willingness to relinquish control, and to flow with the energy that comes through. 
I come from a strong teaching background, and it gives me much pleasure and purpose to offer free online tutorials for those seeking to explore their own creativity through this medium.