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March Design it Studio and February's Entries

Hello errrrbody!!

It's time for a new Design it Studio Challenge! Before I get on to the guidelines for this months design here are the creative pieces that came in from February's challenge!

February's criteria was as follows

  1. Design a pair of earrings

  2. the design must incorporate a 3-3 weave (video reference below)

That's it. Simple! :) or as complex as you like it! I want to keep this first one very general, and I plan to get more creative with the guidelines with each passing month.

Here were some of the entries from the Patreon Community!

Karen Ward

Tarina McLennan

Nancee Purdum

Kris Joseph

Thank you all for challenging yourselves and working that creative muscle!


This month's challenge was inspired from my most recent tutorial "The Shield Pendant" I guess I'm on a little kick and want to keep the good times rollin! Here's this month's criteria

  1. Make a Pendant

  2. Pendant must contain ONLY 1 focal piece (bead, gemstone, shell, cabachon etc...)

  3. It must be a symmetrical design

  4. Must use a wire WRAPPING style no weaving! The only place a wire weave is allowed is in the bail.

  5. You must bestow your piece with magical meaning :) For example, my shield pendant is meant to protect the wearer through out their day, and remind them of the strength they hold within themselves. If I used a gemstone I would also look up the meaning of the stone. Share the meaning of your pendant when you post your photo to the facebook group.


Let me know if you have any questions! Anyone can participate in the challenge, but members of the patreon community can share their pieces to the private facebook group and get their pieces featured in my blog.

Visit the link below to join the community!

Stay creative. Stay adventurous!

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