Odyssey Earrings


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**The Adventurer Collection is inspired by our innate desire to be explorers, dreamers, creators and story tellers. We believe that life and fantasy can become one, and this handmade collection will offer tokens of inspiration along your unique journey.**

The Odyssey Earrings are a symbol of a journey in a boomerang-like path. Many times we set out to travel and explore only to find ourselves coming right back to where we began. Of course, coming back to the beginning is not starting all over. We've seen and experienced far too much to be the same as before. 



-Each Earring and ear wire is made from bare copper wire and is finished and polished with a patina to offer an antique and rugged look. A faceted glass bead sits on copper wire bridging the two ends of the boomerang together. 

-These are hand formed and each one has slight variances and it’s own subtle texture features, but will remain true to the design shown here.

-I offer personalized variations in the sizing of this piece. 


Shop this item on Etsy

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The Siren and The Pirate, Arizona, United States