The Wanderer's Compass Earrings


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The Wanderer's Compass Earrings is part of The Adventurer Collection. It is a symbol for movement, direction, creation and inner exploration. 


The spiral is an ancient symbol that has taken on many representations. It can be a journey or an unfolding of life, or the consciousness of nature beginning from its center and expanding outward. It can be viewed as the eternal sign of the creative and organizing principle at work in the universe.


For me, the compass is a central symbol in my work, and the spiral is the inward exploration that determines the direction of the compass. May this pendant remind you that you posses the power to create.This particular compass is uniquely yours as the direction it points is drawn up from your spiral of inner exploration. 

Variations: These earrings can be finished with a patina, which gives it a rustic antique look, or it can be left alone to remain shiny with regular polishing. I use bare copper so the wearer can be exposed to its benefits, and I do not put any sort of coating over it.


Care instructions can be found in a PDF file at the footer of my website 


*Each piece comes packaged and ready for gift giving!

Shop this item on Etsy

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The Siren and The Pirate, Arizona, United States