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10 ways to help overcome scarcity mindset

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Keeping on theme with my recent blog posts on overcoming scarcity mindset and finding the right influencers I have compiled a list of ways that have helped me overcome scarcity mindset and maybe they can work for you too!

10 Ways to help overcome scarcity mindset

1. Replace thoughts of scarcity with thoughts of abundance. You must believe that change is going to bring you more wealth, happiness and success than you already have.

2. If you don’t believe it- keep thinking it anyway. Thought patterns take time to create especially when you are trying to reverse out of opposite thought patterns.

3. Make friends with insecure thoughts. Acknowledge they are there and they are a protective mechanism, but understand that they don’t need to rule all of your decisions.

4. Write down your fears or say them out loud to a trusted friend. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are really afraid of. Being afraid and overly cautious is just our knee jerk reaction. Maybe something has happened to us in the past and we are subconsciously predicting that the same thing will happen again. If the fears are there they will come out, and sometimes they aren’t as scary when we hear them out loud.

5. There are no problems- Only solutions! At times our fears reside in our lack of ambition to put our energy into finding a solution. Even if you don’t have a solution in the present moment you must say to yourself that a solution is out there, and it will present itself to me once I decide to go looking for it.

6. Be willing to let go of things that no longer serve you. This will help create space for the new things we want. Keep in mind that sometimes being okay with less will bring more abundance.

7. Develop the necessary honesty with yourself and those around you with what you want. It won’t do you any good to go after a dream that doesn’t speak to your true intentions or purpose.

8. Take a look at the bigger picture. Be aware of who and what is influencing you and your thoughts. Do you have friends, family, community, country that has influenced your beliefs in what you think you can achieve? You do not have the power to necessarily change the influences around you, but you can acknowledge them and look at them with an understanding of how they came to be. This may help you better understand your own thoughts and behaviors, and if you can view this bigger picture, you’ll begin to see that there are alternative solutions. The choice will then become yours whichever you choose to follow.

9. Find the right influencers! Find the people, podcasters, philosophers, gurus that are speaking your language. Scarcity is deep in the mind so surround yourself with the speech that is going to help you achieve an abundance mindset.

10. Exercise and eat right for a healthy gut, body and brain. If the body is in poor condition, chances are that the mind will be right there with it. If you need to be in a good, strong, and open state of mind be sure to care for your body especially the gut! The feel good hormones live there after all!

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