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Two Hungry Wolves

So we are now post October 5th email. I’ve come to realize I’m merely on an imaginary list on a newbie employees desk and all my fears might be coming true. I wasn’t getting this job. I had nothing left. No money, no plans, very little possessions, and a zombie car.

I was a loser.

Look, I’m being awful hard on myself as I write this. But these are the actual thoughts that went through my head. The worst of them. Funny thing happens though when you start observing your thoughts. You start to see how ridiculous they can be. And you begin to realize you have a choice whether to believe them...or not to believe them. The thoughts that help you believe in yourself, create change and build dreams are in direct competition with the thoughts that will destroy you from the inside out. They will both always exist. And you will always have a choice. Which wolf do you feed?

I would to change the narrative and make the best of this brand new opportunity. What if....I was just meant to be here? Club Med could have been the carrot I was chasing, but not the destination I was meant to find.

To uproot a tree there must be a strong wind.

I let the Club Med dream fade and counted my blessings. I had a strong safety net in which I had landed with the love and support of family. I was in a cool city and area with lots of outdoor adventures and yes, I had sold all my stuff (besides clothes and books), but that felt amazing! I had purged all the things that identified me with my past self, but I could rebuild now however I saw fit. And well- even though my car was a zombie- it was still getting me to where I needed to go. My fears about what others thought of me started to disappear and I focused more on my own happiness and recreating myself.

With the holidays fast approaching so did ads of seasonal part-time job openings. One that caught my eye was at a well known outdoor gear retailer. I loved shopping there, well more like window shop, but still, I was all about that outdoor adventure life. I had some figuring out to do, but needed a job in the meantime. I applied.

I was granted an interview. This place was so cool! The managers so nice and, as I suspected, plenty of other outdoor enthusiasts working in their respective departments of expertise. Rock climbers, kayakers, hikers, camping, athletics and biking. In the break room was a white board with different outings that were organized by the employees. Climbing, camping, excursions of all kinds and the dates they were organizing. If you wanted to tag along you just signed your name under the event. MY PEOPLE! This was great.

A few days later I was offered the job.

I sent Club Med one last email. November 1st was two days away and I still had heard nothing.

October 29th

Dear Club Med Lady,

Just checking on the status of the fitness instructor position. Last email you said you would be contacting candidates prior to the month of November. With it being so late in October I'm just wandering if the positions have been filled?

Hi Kelley,

Unfortunately we have no open positions at the moment. I will be in touch as soon as something becomes available.

That’s fine. I was done playing this game. Obviously, they didn’t understand how serious I had taken this, or what I had put myself through. I sent my acceptance and paperwork to the retailers and waited for my background check to clear.

November 2nd I was driving up to a friend of my mom’s house when I got a call from an unknown number.


Bonjour, mizz Kennon. Im Ollliiiiivieghrr from Cluuub Mediterraneaaiun (it’s difficult to portray his thick French accent in words)

me- I’m sorry? Who?

Olivier repeated himself.

me- oh. okay..

Olivier- I am contacting you in regards to the fitness instructor position. We are in need of one in Teeerrrkkksss on Cayquois.... Me-where??

Olivier-Turkshdhsnsnzhsn ancakd!!

me- Turkey!?

Olivier- NO! Uhhh Ze Carribean!

me- Oh! Well, wow...I’m sort of in the car right now. is it possibly for me to call you back in a few moments?

Olivier- okay, but pleeazze do not take long. I need an answer as soon as pozzziblleee.

Me- (oh now they want quick answers from me?) Yeah okay I’ll call you back shortly.

I pulled into Jane‘s driveway. What the hell just happened?

to be continued...

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