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Life Update and Message to Patreons

Hello beautiful creatives!

Once again the rollercoaster has been tick tick ticking up another big hill and it's nearing the peak before barreling down the track on it's next exciting adventure.

My lover boy has taken a job up in Wisconsin and he just insists that I go along with him :) I will oblige him. Yes, yes another big move. Some of you may know that I am originally from Iowa. That being said, my Midwest roots have called me back, and my southwest lover will come to know the land that produced the love of his life. Mush, mush, mush :)

Okay, it's a very exciting time. A bold move in the middle of winter, but come December we will be at our new rental and I will get to experience putting down some roots in this new chapter of our lives. I'm really enjoying the whole process right now, and have found another need to slow down, go inward, and open myself to new opportunities and possibilities. It's difficult to find clarity when you are a busy little bee buzzing around and making making making (even though a lovely thing to do!)

After a lot of consideration I've decided to close my patreon page. I want to thank everyone for being a part of the community and the donations you have been so gracious with. This decision was made to help free up my time and mind. I WILL continue to put out Youtube tutorials- the thing with patreon is that even though I set it up as a tip jar essentially, there is still this pressure each month to turn out videos. Youtube tutorials is only one aspect of what I do and sometimes it just doesn't make the cut on the to do list. Therefore, I think I have found a solution that works well in everyone's favor.

First of all, for all my patreons and any past patreons-You will ALL still have access to my private facebook group this way I can still reach out or do special events. Secondly, I will be using a platform called Ko-Fi instead. I will start the tedious task for going through all my Youtube videos and updating this in the description boxes. Ko-fi allows viewers to make a one time donation to me in the amount they choose. No more monthly subscriptions! Ko-fi does not take any fees from one time donations. Perffff! So when you hear me talking about ko-fi in future videos you'll know what I mean- there will just be a link to leave a donation.

So this is Goodbye....but not really! I'm not going anywhere. I will be taking some downtime to move and clear up my mind, but I'm not disappearing. I hope you will join the facebook group, but know that I'm pretty easy to access! Message me on facebook, messenger, Instagram, youtube, email, oh and sign up for my e-mail list on my website!

God bless you all for who you are, your creative desires, your adventurous spirit, your resilience, and your love.

All of my very best to you,


The patreon

page will officially close on the 14th.

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