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The Interview

Sitting at the tire shop. That’s where I was when the email came through on my phone. I was subscribed to one of those job search sites and got plenty of random job opening posts from all over the country. This one happened to catch my attention “Fitness Instructor for Club Mediterranean”... never heard of the company. This is what I saw...


Dance and Performance


Teach fitness classes at some of the most beautiful locations around the world.


Yes- it was precisely what I had asked for. My little dream job had manifested itself. I remember sitting in that shop waiting for my car and feeling this deep visceral excitement. The bill for my new tires didn’t even make me flinch. Where I wanted to go I wouldn’t need tires!

I quickly sent in my resume. It’s not often I see a job description and feel completely qualified, but I felt like a shoe-in. I sent it. And waited.

I can’t recall how long it took, but I remember I was in my car driving to work, blaring socca music, dreaming of a new life on a beach when I got the phone call. I almost had to pull over thinking surely I would crash! It was an initial call from Club Med to find out if I was real, I guess, and to gauge my level of interest. We scheduled a Skype interview for a few days later.

I took the process very seriously. Studying the company, going over interview questions, what I would wear, and finally the day came.

Did I over prepare? Oh for sure. My interview was about 10-15 minutes. The woman from the corporate office had been there for only about 2 weeks, but did her best to give me a representation of the company and what life would be like as a GO (the employees of club Med)

Club Med Lady: We would place you in the North American Zone, and proceeded to list off the different resorts in beautiful, exotic locations. Most Americans go to Sandpiper in Florida for their first year with Club Med.

I was a bit disappointed with Florida after hearing Mexico and different Caribbean Islands, but after that initial year you have the ability to travel and work at other resorts. I could manage Florida for a year if it meant I could travel after that.

(Sandpiper Bay- Florida)

Me: So what’s a typical day like for a fitness instructor? Club Med Lady: Well, typically you have a couple classes in the morning and early afternoon. Then you have most of the afternoon off after lunch to do whatever you like, hang out at the beach or whatever, and then maybe one or two classes later in the afternoon. (A much much more laid back representation of the actual job I would come to find out) then all the GOs go to the bar at 7:00 to mingle with the guests and then eat dinner with guests. After that, if you choose to you can participate in the nightly shows. Would you like to do something like that?

Me: Ummm...yes. Very much so.

Club Med Lady: Good. It looks like with your dance experience they could really use you.

After the show there is normally a fun party and all the GOs create a fun ambiance for the guests.

So I’m already fully onboard at this point.

We spoke quickly about salary. And although I would be making less I figured that I could potentially be making more earning less. Without all my bills taking my earnings I would actually be able to save money for once! Me: Fine. Thats all good with me. So what fitness classes will I be teaching? Mind you, my background is a college degree in Exercise Science and Dance Education. I had been working for 7 years as a personal trainer, Zumba Instructor and Professional Ballroom dance Instructor. Club Med Lady: Well that will just depend on where you go and what they want you to teach.

I think that was the most nerve wracking part.There are so many fitness classes out there! How was I to know which to prepare for? Having never taught step, yoga, spin etc...I basically had to be prepared to teach anything! She couldn’t tell me a name of any other class besides Zumba (at least I had that one covered)

Needless to say, I was worried about what was expected of me- but also hoped I was qualified to learn and program anything quickly.

She went on to explain that there are two 6 month seasons in Club Med, the summer season and the winter season. Since it was only summertime the next season when they would actually need me started Oct 31st.

club Med lady: So you just want to be ready to go when they call you.

Me: okay!

Club Med Lady: So we will stay in touch and contact you a little closer to the next season. Me: Great! Thank you so much I’m really looking forward to working for you!

I got off the call and was ecstatic! Yes! I was calling family and friends telling them I just got my dream job and I was going to do this big scary thing and quit my current job and move far away. And the more I retold the interview the more I started to think.. “hmm. DID I get the job?” I remember standing quite still in the living room staring at my open computer on the table deeply contemplating what exactly was said, and if I actually had the go ahead to quit my current jobs and prepare for this new life.

I sat back down at my computer and opened my email. Dear Club Med Lady,

I want to thank you for taking the time to interview me today. I’m very excited about this opportunity!

Also, I may have gotten caught up in all the excitement, but did you hire me? (Hahaha! Can you imagine having to write that to a potential employer??) I guess I’m a bit confused. Do you have paperwork to send me to fill out?

Dear Ms. Kennon,

Unfortunately I cannot send you a contract until right before you come here since the start date is still a ways out. We have not yet begun to do contracts for the winter season but will be in touch maybe a month or 2 before that.

I sat at the table somewhat pleased with this response. Was there an underlying layer of doubt and caution bubbling below the surface- yes. Was I still too excited to care? - yes! I was FLLLYYYIIINNGGG!

Of course they would call me! After talking with her I was perfect for the job!

I started to plan my next move.

Little did I know that I was changing my entire life under hopes and false assumptions.

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